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As MCC's Faculty Developer, my day-to-day schedule varies depending on meetings, workshops, etc.. Please let me know if you plan on visiting during an office hour. 

Reassigned as MCC's Faculty Developer/PAR Facilitor. Office is located in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

SCT100: Introduction to Sustainable Built Environments taught in the Spring (2nd 8 weeks - online).



Curriculum Vitae

Janice Dawson, LEED AP v2, ASID

Email: janice.dawson@mesacc.edu

Office: 480.461.7755

Office Fax: 480.461.7857

Academic and Professional Records

Academic Degrees

  1. Arizona State University                         Tempe, AZ
  1. M.S.D., Interior Design – Facilities Planning and Management


1984-1988                                             Miami University                                    Oxford, OH

  1. B.S., Home Economics & Consumer Sciences – Interior Design


Academic Activities

2007-2009                                             Arizona State University                         Tempe, AZ

                        30 credit hours towards PhD in Environmental Planning

                                                ATE598 Environmental Ratings Systems for Buildings

                                                SOS598 Introduction sustainable Organizational Strategies

                                                EPD790 Reading and Conference

EPD710 Current Research in Design

EPD799 Dissertation

HED533 The Community-Junior College

HED679 The American College Student

CON700 Research Methods

DSC501 Qualitative Research in Design

EPD691 Seminar

EPD792 Research

2003                                       HED691 Professional Seminar in Higher Education (2003)


2000                                                     Rio Salado Community College              Tempe, AZ

                                                EDU250 Overview of Community Colleges


1992-1993                                             Gateway Community College                 Phoenix, AZ

9 credit hours, Americans with Disabilities Act

IND170AC Accessibility Specialist

IND170AB Training for Business, Industry and Government

IND170AH Title I Employment Issues


1989                                                     University of Illinois                               Urbana, IL

12 credit hours, Human Resources & Family Studies – Interior Design

                                                ARCH316 Modern American Architecture

                                                ARCH323 Social and Behavioral Factors

                                                FACE378 Problem Management

                                                FACE405 Research Methods – Home Economics


  1. 2013 – Present        Director of the Interior Design program. Responsible for hiring plus

supervising adjunct faculty, creating schedules, coordinating textbook orders, advising students, completing graduation clearances and representing MCC on the Interior Design Instructional Council and Articulation Task Force.

  1. 2001- Present          Interior Design Faculty, Maricopa County Community College District

2010-2013               Co-Chair, Applied Sciences and Technology Department          

Manage faculty and staff in eleven career and technical education programs. Prepare and implement department meetings, strategic plans, budgets and human resource documents. Oversee time and labor, class schedules and academic facilities. Coordinate critical operations with upper management. Treasurer of the Department Chair Association 2011-2013.

  1. 2010 – 2013            MCC Curriculum Committee, Member.
  2. 2007-2008 &            Chair, Design Department


  1. 2000- 2001              Faculty Associate, Arizona State University

Adjunct Faculty, Maricopa County Community College District

  1. 1998- 2000              Development & Training Specialist,

State of Arizona: Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities

  1. 1998                       Faculty Associate, Arizona State University
  1. 1996-1998               Graduate Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University
  1. 1993-1994               Development & Training Specialist,

Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities


Jennings Technical Consulting Services, llc

  1. 1992-1993               Project Manager, McCarthy Nordburg, Ltd., Phoenix, AZ
  1. 1990-1992               Interior Designer, Dick & Fritsche Design Group, Phoenix, AZ
  1. 1989-1990               Interior Designer, Goodmans, Phoenix, AZ
  1. 1988                       Interior Designer, Myra L. Katz and Associates, Clayton, MO



Faculty, Interior Design – Mesa Community College

  1. 2012-Present           SCT100: Introduction to Sustainable Built Environments

Developing and teaching the first multi-disciplinary career and technical course within the Maricopa County Community College District. Competencies utilize design strategies to explore and understand Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits. Taught as face-to-face, hybrid and online using the Canvas Learning Management System.

  1. 2002-Present           INT175: Custom Design

Embracing student’s cultural perspective or interest in custom design based projects by using an evaluation tool that focuses on three key aspects: how the elements plus principles of design are used, identification of a cultural orientation and what the inspiration is and how it is being translated into the project.  Coordinating critiques lead by students, thus setting the stage for the use of a higher order of thinking skills, including analysis and evaluation.  Implementing a problem based learning assignment on sustainability - teams are structured, the problem is presented, questions are proposed and solutions are sought.  Encouraging team and individually generated designs. Taught as face-to-face and hybrid using the Canvas Learning Management System.

Coordinating a college wide beautification project putting student custom rug designs into production for display in informal learning environments within the life science, math, exercise science and nursing departments.

  1. 2001-Present           INT170: Interior Materials       

Collaborating with the design community through fieldtrips and guest speakers to provide real time instruction on various interior materials.  This not only enhances current product knowledge but also results in a stronger partnership between the students and industry professionals.

  1. 2013 – Present        INT271: Interior Design Internship

Collaborate with Industry Partners to establish internship and job opportunities through focused competency driven experiential learning.


  1. 2010-2011               INT105: Introduction to Interior Design

Taught an overview of concepts within the field of interior design.

  1. 2003-2007               Commercial Design

Research based design that is process driven served as the foundation for this course. Introduction to literature review as a process for best practices laid the groundwork.  Real clients were introduced, programming information was organized, schematics were generated, the design developed was presented to the client plus jurors and construction documents were developed.  When possible, the students oversaw the implementation of the remodeled: Cyber Café (summer, 2003); Studio TC101, Kirk Student Center (KSC) and KSC student services counter (summer, 2004); and Human Resources Department (winter, 2004).

  1. 2001 – 2007            INT190: Space Planning

Introduced space planning techniques, schedules and specifications through projects that reflected the synergy of the group.  Assignments focus on the phases of the interior design process in relationship to tasks performed within each phase.

  1. 2001 – 2005            INT260AB: Technical Systems: ADA Compliance        

Instituted evaluative learning in relationship to accessible and universal design through comprehensive testing and image analysis.

  1. 2001-2002               INT160: Fabrics for Interiors

Developed Microsoft® Power Point lectures, chapter assignments and final projects pertinent to textiles used in Interior Design.


Faculty Associate, Arizona State University

  1. 2001                       Interior Material                                                (upper division)

Organized an array of guest speakers, class assignments, outside readings and quizzes focused on various interior materials.

  1. 2001                       Internship                                                        (upper division)

Successfully coordinated sixteen summer internships.

  1. 2001                       Facilities Planning & Management II                (upper & graduate level)

Disseminated information on facilities planning & management to upper division and graduate level students in a variety of methods including Microsoft® Power Point lectures and participatory in-class assignments.

  1. 2000                       Interior Codes: Public Welfare & Safety            (upper division)

Set forth goals establishing student competency in regulatory research.  Utilized documents, materials, people and process to establish the highest level of cognitive learning, evaluation.

  1. 1998                       Specifications & Documents for Interiors         (upper division)

Organized the course outline to include presentations from interior design professionals, plan inspectors and representatives from various professional organizations.


Adjunct Faculty, Maricopa County Community College District

  1. 1999-2001               INT190: Space Planning (Mesa)
  2. 2000                       INT260AC: Technical Systems: Interior Building Codes (Phoenix)

Introduced model code organizational processes by which code documents are published and adopted into law.  Concentrated on the comprehension of egress concepts within the Uniform and International Building Codes.  

  1. 1999- 2000              INT260AB: Technical Systems: ADA Compliance (Mesa & Phoenix)



Graduate Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University

  1. 1998                       Facilities Planning & Management II                (upper division)

Executed a real project teaching paradigm that resulted in the development of an innovative programming technique.  This technique was used to identify corporate image, group adjacencies, and knowledge worker needs.

  1. 1997                       Facilities Planning & Management I                 (upper division)

Assisted in preliminary course preparation and the grading of student reports.  This experience provided a foundation from which to build the follow-up course in the spring of 1998.

  1. 1997                       Media for Design Development                         (lower division)

Incorporated the “How to Teach Others to Teach Themselves” game plan as an instructional strategy.  This was accomplished by establishing class goals, internalizing a praising system for behavior supportive of the goals and facilitating an action oriented recover system when behavior was not supportive of the goals. (Johnson, S. & Johnson, C. The One Minute Teacher.  New York: Quill William Morrow.)  The final project focused on the needs of a real client.

  1. 1997                       Vocabulary for Interior Design                         (lower division)

Created projects of exploration regarding five elements and three principles of design.  Utilized student driven critiques to encourage participation and improve design quality.

  1. 1996                       Media for Design Development                         (lower division)

The forty-five principles of good graphics as defined by Mike W. Lin in his book Drawing and Designing with Confidence were stressed in a variety of media application techniques and papers used to produce interior renderings.  The final project was contrived to simulate a real project as a foundation for teaching and learning.

  1. 1996                       Visualization for Interior Design Studio           (lower division)

Revealed a variety of skills affiliated with the design profession.  These skills included drafting, lettering, sections, elevations, and perspectives.  The final project was designed to demonstrate all of these skills together in a simulated real project.


Research, Presentations and Publications


  1. 1999- 2000              Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG): Building Codes


Exploratory research was initiated regarding a MAG standard set of amendments to the Arizonans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (AzDAAG) as a mechanism for process improvement.  Documents explored were the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A117.1, AzDAAG and Chapter 11 of the Uniform Building Code.


  1. 1998                       A Universal Design Evaluation Study of Two Mobile Pedestals

This study evaluated the degree of universal usability for two mobile pedestals using a mixed method approach.  The quantitative methods, questionnaire and force meter measurements, resulted in a rating of task difficulty levels and measurement of operating forces.  The qualitative method, focus group interviews, divulged preferred choices and provided a description of the range of comments.  The process for examination by the Human Subjects Institutional Review Board was cultivated during this study.                   



  1. 2012                       Sustainability Dialog Day, Maricopa County Community College

District: Presenter

  1. 2006                       Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education: Presenter

Experiential Learning: Standard Sustainable Interior Materials Binders

Field Report

  1. 1999- 2001              Arizona Building Officials Association:

Instructor: Course #705 Arizonian’s with Disabilities Act Accessibility


  1. 2001                       American Society of Interior Design:

Presenter: Architectural Accessibility

  1. 1999- 2000              Design for Everyone: Seven Basic Principles Designers can Use

(and) Design for Everyone: Kitchen and Bath

American Society of Interior Designers, Show House

  1. 2000                       Flagstaff’s City Commission on Disability Awareness

Keynote speaker, ADA 10 Years of Progress

  1. 1999                       City of Flagstaff, Kingman, Peoria, Phoenix and Tempe: AzDAAG

City plan reviewers and building inspectors

  1. 1999                               An Educational Environment that Values Diversity

Northern Arizona University Facility Services

  1. 1998                       Universal Usability: Evaluating Office Furniture

Designing for the 21st Century

Long Island, NY

  1. 1998                       Universal Design: Highest Form of Functional Design Integrity

International Furnishing & Design Association, IFDA, Arizona Chapter

  1. 1998                       ADA Accessibility Guidelines: A Look into the Future

Mayors Commission on Disability Concerns


  1. 2012                       Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Hire Education
  2. 2012                       Mesa Community College, American College and University Presidents

Climate Commitment report, co-author

  1. 2003                       Article published in Teaching for Success.  Article titled “How to Teach

a Cultural Point of Reference in Design” (January 2003 Volume 15,

Number 1)

  1. 1999                               ADAAG: What Every Designer, Architect and Building Official

Should Know and Probably Doesn’t

  1. 1998-1999               AzAccessXchange

A quarterly newsletter on disability law.

  1. 1998                       “CELEBR8: Eight Years of Progress Celebrated” - ADA

News & Views AZ Department of Administration, (Vol.3, No.1) p. 4

  1. 1997                       “Universally Usable Furniture a Predominant Factor in Managing

the Shifting Work Paradigms”

FMLink University Research Program [On-line]

  1. 1993                       “Arizonans with Disabilities Act: Compliance Plain & Simple”

Arizona Business Magazine, pp. 136-139



  1. 2012                       Graduate of The Chair Academy
  2. 2008-2009               Awarded sabbatical
  3. 2005                       Wakonse, Arizona Fellow
  4. 2004                       Awarded Summer Project: Beatification of Informal Learning                                                 Environments, AS Hallway Student Custom Rug Display
  5. 2004                       Recipient: MCC Faculty Excellence Award
  6. 2002                       Nominee: American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Faculty Advisor

of the Year

  1. 2000                       Nominee: State of Arizona, Employee of the Year
  2. 2000                       Recipient: Maricopa County Community College District Adjunct Faculty

Professional Growth Fund

  1. 1997                       Educational Foundation Scholarship: International Furnishings &

Design Association


Memberships and Certifications


  1. 2013 – Present        Maricopa Priorities Steering Team, Career and Technical Education

(CTE) representative

  1. 2013 – Present        MCC - Maricopa Priorities Project Management Team, member
  1. 2013 – Present        MCC – Maricopa Community College Faculty Association, Senator
  2. 2011-Present           American Society of Interior Designers: Professional member

2001-2008               Faculty Advisor Mesa Community College ASID Student Chapter

                                    2002 Faculty Advisor of the Year nomination

  1. 2006-2010               United States Green Building Council, Arizona Chapter:

2013 – Present        Member

  1. 2007-Present           Sustainability Committee, Mesa Community College:

Chair 2007-2008 and 2009-2010

  1. 2006-2013               American Association of Community Colleges Sustainability

Committee: Member

  1. 2010-2013               Sustainability Instructional Council, Maricopa County Community

College District: Member

  1. 2010-2012               Sustainability Action Council, Maricopa County Community College

District: Member

  1. 2006 – 2007            Center for Teaching and Learning, Member

2004 - 2005

  1. 2006-2007               Sustainability Faculty and Professional Learning Community, Mesa

Community College: Facilitator

  1. 2004-2006               Interior Design Educators Council: Professional member
  2. 2005-2006               International Interior Design Association: Professional member,

and 1991-2001         1992 Publicity Chair

  1. 1997-1999               International Furnishings & Design Association: Executive

1999 VP of Education



  1. 2005                       Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED: Accredited

professional LEED v2

  1. 2000                       Community College Teaching Certificate
  1. 1991                       National Council for Interior Design Qualification, NCIDQ: Certified



Professional Practice

  1. 1998 – 2000            Development & Training Specialist     

And                                    State of Arizona: Arizona Office for Americans with Disabilities

1993 – 1994            Disseminated information on Federal and State laws pertaining

to accessibility.  Information was dispersed to citizens of the State of Arizona through published documents and public speaking forums.  Managed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title I, reasonable accommodation process for the State of Arizona.  Provided ADA technical assistants within the pacific region. Created and administered ADA Title I Employment, ADA Accessibility Guideline, and sensitivity training for State employees and building officials.


  1. 1993 – 1994            Consultant      

Jennings Technical Consulting Services, llc

Provided consultation to local Interior Designers, Architects and other business professionals on architectural accessibility through plan review and site inspection. Conducted field analysis of private sector commercial buildings that resulted in Title III Americans with Disabilities Act implementation plans.

  1. 1992-1993               Project Manager/Interior Designer

McCarthy Nordburg, Ltd.

Managed numerous department remodels for First Interstate Bank and other commercial clients.  Projects tasked included: compilation of programming reports, alternative evaluations (fit plans), schematic design, design development, contract documents and contract administration.  Emphasis was placed on the intricacies of phased construction and move coordination schedules utilizing existing office equipment.   Standards were incorporated into most remodels. Conducted field analysis of private sector commercial buildings that resulted in Title III Americans with Disabilities Act implementation plans.

  1. 1990-1992               Interior Designer

Dick & Fritsche Design Group

Coordinated office remodels involving all disciplines of design for Salt River Project (SRP).  Assisted in the development of a master plan and standards with the in –house design team and facilities representatives.  Developed CAD standards for SRP’s Facilities Planning and Management department resulting in a simplified level structure.

  1. 1989-1990               Interior Designer


Produced Herman Miller systems furniture installation drawings on Microstation.  Specified office furniture based on computer generated installation drawings.  Responsibilities included as-builts and the preparation of furniture punch lists.

  1. 1988-1989               Interior Designer

Myra L. Katz and Associates

Assisted senior designers in all phases of the interior design process for predominantly bank and retail projects.


Conferences and Workshops Attended

  1. 2013, Pennsylvania    GreenBuild, USGBC
  2. 2012, California         GreenBuild, USGBC
  3. 2012, Arizona           GreenCE, Inc. LEED GA Exam Preparation Workshop
  4. 2012, Arizona           The Chair Academy
  5. 2012, Georgia           International Leadership Academy
  6. 2011, Arizona           Arizona Building Officials Course 502: New ADA
  7. 2011, Nevada           Surfaces Conference/ Designer Day
  8. 2010, Arizona           Green Remodel Workshop, Residential Design
  9. 2009, Arizona           GreenBuild, USGBC
  10. 2007, Illinois            GreenBuild, USGBC
  11. 2007, Nevada           IntersectWest Conference
  12. 2006, Nevada           HDExpo
  13. 2006, Canada           EnvironDesign10 Conference
  14. 2006, Arizona           American Association of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference
  15. 2005, Arizona               Green Ideas, LEED Exam Preparation Workshop
  16. 2004, Pennsylvania    Interior Design Educators Council International Conference
  17. 2003, California         Foundation for Interior Design Education Research Workshop

Classes Taught

Spring Flex Start 2020

SCT100 Introduction to Sustainable Built Environments 3 Credits
Study of the built environment and implications on human health, the natural environment, and society. Understanding of strategies that achieve sustainable design. Exploration of positive and negative sustainable product attributes. Emphasis on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Prerequisites: None.
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Dobson Campus
03/16/2020 - 05/08/2020


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Degrees & Awards

Degrees: Miami of Ohio & Arizona State University - NCIDQ certificate #9415 - LEED AP

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