John E Holaday

Adjunct Faculty

Social & Behavioral Sciences

Social Science

Classes Taught

Spring Flex Start 2023

ECN211 Macroeconomic Principles 3 Credits
A descriptive analysis of the structure and functioning of the American economy. Emphasis on basic economic institutions and factors that determine national income and employment levels. Consideration given to the macroeconomic topics of national income, unemployment, inflation and monetary and fiscal policies. Prerequisites: None.
General Education Designations: Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB] 
Section Location Delivery Dates Days Times Availability
Dobson Campus
In Person
01/30/2023 - 05/12/2023
5:40 PM - 7:05 PM

Class Started

Dobson Campus
In Person
01/31/2023 - 05/12/2023
1:30 PM - 2:55 PM

Class Started

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