Hello! Thanks for taking a moment to look at this page because words are very lonely unless they get read periodically. I know this since I was a former middle and high school English teacher. Words are our friends. Perhaps that's why I play Words With Friends. Do you play that too? I also play Wizard, Bunco, Candy Crush, and I love to play against the clock in escape rooms.

During my regular full-time job as the Programming Coordinator of the Mesa Public Library's Main branch, I get to work and play with some very cool people. We create escape rooms, dress up for Harry Potter day, and work closely with our community members. When I'm not working there, I get to come hang out here at MCC-RM as an adjunct librarian on random Thursday evenings and periodic Friday and Saturday mornings.

Some of my favorite things when not at work include aqua zumba, dancing, photography, crafting, sewing, playing with my dogs, hanging out with my husband and kids, baking, playing games (card, board games, computer games) and reading for hours at a time. I love YA fantasy and science fiction series and non-fiction based on either the trials of women struggling to overcome hardships or books that make me laugh or teach me really strange facts. Check out The Geography of Bliss, God's Middle Finger, Little Princes: One Man's Journey to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, Atlas Obscura, and The Royal Art of Poison if you want to see what I mean. Want to know what I'm reading now or what my favorite YA series are? Email me. I'd be happy to share a list. 

Degrees & Awards

Masters | Library & Information Science | University of Southern Mississippi at Hattisburg

Masters | Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies | University of Connecticut
Certificate of Women's Studies | University of Connecticut

Bachelors | English with a minor in psychology| Eastern Connecticut State University 


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