Lindsay Cara Lawson

Adjunct Faculty

Health Sciences

Allied Health

Classes Taught

Fall 2022

DHE127 Prevention of Dental Disease 3 Credits
Introduction to preventive aids, agents, and coaching to help patients achieve optimum oral health, reduce incidence of disease, and minimize risk of oral injury. Instills critical thinking in etiologic agents, cariology, fluorides, sealants, nutrition, and their oral and systemic implications.
Prerequisites: Admission to the Dental Hygiene Program or permission of Instructor.
Section Location Delivery Dates Days Times Availability
Red Mountain Campus
In Person
08/26/2022 - 12/16/2022
9:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Class Started

DHE213 Dental Hygiene Clinic II 5 Credits
Application of the dental hygiene process of care with emphasis on comprehensive care planning, case presentation, clinical decision making, advanced instrumentation and improved time utilization.
Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in DHE132 and DHE133 and admission to the Dental Hygiene Program. Corequisites: DHE212.
Section Location Delivery Dates Days Times Availability
AZ School Dental/Oral Health
In Person
08/22/2022 - 12/16/2022
5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Class Started

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