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I am passionate about all facets of information- accessing information, evaluating information, and using information. I started my career in public libraries helping patrons with their information needs, so transitioning into the academic world to teach information literacy was an unexpected positive move. I love giving students the resources they need to be successful and teaching them how to apply their new skills to school or their personal lives.

Classes Taught

Spring Flex Start 2024

IFS210 Information Without Borders: Research in a Global Society 3 Credits

A comparative study focused on access to digital information in a global environment. Explore the global culture developing around the Internet and the impact of local, national and global cultures as well as economic and social factors related to the flow of information in a global society. Examine emerging technologies to produce and distribute information across cultures in a global society in an ethical manner. Prerequisites: None.

General Education Designations: Global Awareness [G], Social-Behavioral Sciences [SB]
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03/18/2024 - 05/10/2024


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