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Fall 2024

PSY230 Introduction to Statistics 3 Credits

An introduction to basic concepts in descriptive and inferential statistics, with emphasis upon application to psychology. Consideration given to the methods of data collection, sampling techniques, graphing of data, and the statistical evaluation of data collected through experimentation. Required of psychology majors.

Prerequisites: A grade of C or better in (PSY101 and eligibility for MAT14+ or higher as indicated by appropriate district mathematics placement) or permission of Instructor.

Course Notes: Students must take PSY231 (statistics lab) from the same instructor.

General Education Designations: Computer/Statistics/Quantitative Application [CS]
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Dobson Campus
In Person
08/20/2024 - 12/13/2024
5:45 PM - 7:00 PM


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Notes: Class 14176 Students may contact instructor at:

PSY231 Laboratory for Statistics 1 Credits

Applications of inferential and descriptive statistics to statistical software in the field of psychology.

Prerequisites: None. Corequisites: PSY230.

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Online Course

Online (On Your Time)
08/19/2024 - 12/13/2024


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Notes: This is an Online class that does not meet at specific class times. Students are required to have access to a computer or mobile device, and Internet access, unless otherwise specified. Before enrolling in their first online class at MCC, students need to view the online orientation and complete the readiness survey on for additional information.

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